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Some minor progress

2014-06-17 01:06:41 by Darksithwas12


It's been a while since I last did anything to this. To be honest I nearly considered dropping the project, but then a small spark of inspiration occured. I thought about changing the scenery to none other than Peach Beach from Mario Kart Double Dash. It was the perfect setting, so I quickly drew a template and realised I could use the 'mph' gauge as a sex drive gauge for Peach, with 100% being an orgasm.


These are basic graphics for now, but when finished, the background will look like a cell shaded version of this view in Peach Beach. As for finishing the animations, I'm still around 50% done, and it takes a while due to this being CPU heavy (in preview mode), and the fact that the animations are partly dynamic. You can control her eyes and mouth with the buttons on my debug controller. I might make it an easter egg, who knows, I'm bursting wth ideas at the moment.


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