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Making that background look pretty

2014-06-19 18:34:19 by Darksithwas12


I'm getting closer to finishing the background. I've been putting off adding any new animations at the moment because of a bunch of reasons, one of the reasons is I'm thinking about making different angles for the limbs rather than them being static, but I just don't know right now. But everything else looks ok.

I need to re-create the animations since each part (eg, head, jaw, eye, arm1, etc) is a movieclip containing 4 frames, 1 for each colour. And because these are all tweened, you get a graphical glitch where Flash has to quickly set the part to the right frame, and you end up seeing the default colour of Peach for 1 frame everytime that body part is re-used. Also the Eye and Mouth are the most complex bits at the moment, it's crazy to keep track of.


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2014-06-19 20:40:40

Looks nice. Send me a PM when done. :D