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Dumping the FLA of the Peach game

2015-01-25 00:17:04 by Darksithwas12

Since the last update, this file has been sat on my computer not doing much, and I have come back to it several times thinking of new stuff to add but either don't have the right mindset or the time, and I really don't know if I'll ever finish this. Maybe 1 day, after I'm done with Uni I'll return but for now I think I should just get this out there, even though it's a barely funtional prototype, only because I've pretty much been teasing people about it for over 2 years.


Here's the dumping grounds link to the FLA: If someone else wants to finish this, that's fine and they can go ahead but trust me when I say it's a pain in the ass due to the implemention of code XD It is cool though as you can control her eyes and mouth during other animations. Some of the animations/buttons are glitchy so if anything game breaking happens, just re-execute the SWF file. To open this file, you'll need Adobe Flash CS3 or later.


When I first made this flash, it was in responce to the limited amount of adult themed Princess Peach content on Newgrounds, but over the progression of this game, naturally more appeared on the site. That isn't the reason I stopped, it's just the file got really laggy, as well as my patience grew short moving limbs 1 by 1, tweeing them, then coding in the timing of eyes/mouth movements for the executed file...Uggh, I gave myself too much work. I even planned to have alternative camera angles of Peach but I couldn't quite get her face to look right. Ah well.

Anyways, if you liked it, send me a message. I don't use Newgrounds (if anything, once a year), so I'll see it eventually. 


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