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This is going to take a while

2016-10-07 21:47:11 by Darksithwas12

I've lost count of the hours I've spent working on this Porkyman animation so far, mostly because I keep running into problems. First of all, I want this to look good. My first attempt at converting Haruko into Serena was horrifying. She was the epitome of boner killers.

Second, I'm having to redo the animation in places (frame by frame positioning) as by default, Serena's hair and arms float like chopped up pieces of a person.

Third, I'm having to work out how this was coded (all the code has been removed from the file by Flash Decompliler Trillix), but still tells me what it is/where it belongs), by working out what references what, how it affects it, and how to better it as the language was writting in ActionScript 1.0? and I'm using ActionScript 3.0. It's a bit more complicated than changing some syntax from one format to another, you have to look out for code on buttons (not supported in AS3), code on Text boxes (also not supported), and other stuff like define variables at the start of the Flash file (as you didn't ever have to define anything in AS 1.0 & AS 2.0)

Fourth, Flash Decompliler Trillix is buggy as shit (But to be fair, I am using the free trial version). Some vector graphics go missing, some become miscoloured, some animation frames are placed incorrectly, animations (tweens) are missing (instead it converts the inbetween frames to regular keyframes), the trial version only allows for greyscale graphics (So I have to recolour everything), ActionScript code is removed, and it adds hundreds of layers to the main stage (I have no idea why).

Last but not least, fifth. Assuming everything above gets fixed, this Interactive Flash Game is quite lengthy, with it's many options, spoken dialogue (and jokes, which I know EXACTLY how to translate into Porkyman), this is going to take a while to complete. When I manage to get Clemont implemented as simply as Serena (Working in at least 1 scene), then i'll probably post another screenshot.


As for now, here's a non-functional SWF file for you to stare at:


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