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Taking a break

2016-11-27 20:03:09 by Darksithwas12

I figured I may as well post about this now before leaving it and forgetting about it. Since last posting an update on the Serena Flash parody thing, I've added a little more to it in my free time, but then stopped. I've been busy lately with getting a job and doing some other stuff in the background, as well as thinking in my own time how I'm going to finish this parody, so I don't know when I'll return to it.


Some things I want to do are:

1) Replace the robot fuck transition with 1 of clemonts robots

2) Replace the forehead-hand mutation clip with the camera zooming out of Clemont with him saying something about science (as he does in the anime), which requires frame-by-frame tracing of whatever looks good in the anime (which is what ZONE did for this animation)

3) Include some good grunting sounds for Serena (It shouldn't be too hard, if anything I'll be spoiled for choice)

4) Re-size the kid by tweaking the animation to match Clemont (Fixing Serena's arms, hair and other bits are annoying as is)

5) Have the orgasm a giant explosion... or maybe just save that for the '-100' joke ZONE loves to do so much, I'm not sure yet

6) There are probably other things I'm forgetting, but you get the idea

1 crucial thing I need to do to achieve some of the above is pretty juch re-watch the Pokémon X&Y anime (plus XY & Z)


I hope to get back into this as soon as possible. I'll keep you guys updated when I do


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2016-11-27 20:56:55

serena is 10.

Darksithwas12 responds:

I understand this isn't something for everyone, and if you're not into this kind of thing then no-one's making you stay here.

Out of curiosity I checked the Terms of Service (and the separate page for 'Art Guidelines') to see what it said about underage content, and interestingly it doesn't say it's illegal or not allowed. It does mention that content MAY be flagged (by the community, that's how Newgrounds works, by users 'blamming' content) if 'It depicts a sexually suggestive image of a child (note: this judgement is based on the image alone, regardless of whether you say the subject is 18+ in the comments).'

As for Nintendo taking down a lot of content lately, I'm unsure of whether or not Newgrounds will be targeted or if I have to go the Rule34(dot)paheal(dot)net approach, and tag it 'Porkyman'. I guess that's a risk I might just have to take


2016-12-20 00:23:46

Really looking forward to it!